5 Business Productivity Apps Every Organization Should Use

5 Business Productivity Apps Every Organization Should Use

Smartphones are often blamed for reduced productivity, distraction, and wastage of time. We beg to differ! If used constructively, these devices can help you plan and get organized. From a business point of view, this means better management and increased productivity.

We live in a digital age, where everything is available at the tips of our fingers. From communication to planning, there are apps for everything. More and more businesses are incorporating the use of these applications to improve the workflow. There are so many business apps out there that you can get overwhelmed by the number of choices available. To make your life a little easier, we have picked 5 best apps for the business organization. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at these apps and take the initiative to increase our productivity. 

1- Todoist

A business can’t function without management. Streamlining tasks and getting them done on time used to be a tedious job for managers, but not anymore- thanks to many task management tools! Our favorite pick in this category is Todoist. It offers a user-friendly interface that lets users easily get the hang of the app. It is an all-in-one management app that features a wide range of tools. The best thing about this app is that it comes with an amazing feature to label projects for a neater organization and filters to prioritize your to-do list.

Most importantly, you can easily sync this app with Google Calendar so that you would never miss a meeting. Todist is compatible with Zapier and other organizational tools. All in all, this app will surely lift your productivity.

2- Forest

Can’t cut down on your screen time? You need this app in your life! Designed to wean off smartphone addiction, Forest works like a charm. By spending less time on your phone, you can utilize your time more productively. The app works like a simulation game, so it doesn’t feel like a punishment. For every minute you spend away from the smartphone, you get a blooming bud as a reward. When you are done with all your tasks, you get a grown tree.

What’s more, the app is environment friendly too. You get credits for reducing the screen time, and you can use these for reviving forestation. So, use this app to save your time and save the world!

3- Evernote

This app can be like your planner on-the-go. Get all your notes, reminders, and schedules in one place by synchronizing this app with your workstation and phone. The app is packed with a lot of planning tools, and it’s extremely easy to use. From simple text to videos, you can take notes in every format. The built-in scanner allows you to scan your documents and convert them into high-quality images. Evernote is all you need to digitize your documents and keep them securely on your phone.

4- Seedly

Handling finances is one of the most challenging jobs. It requires a lot of management, calculations, and processing. Developed in Singapore, Seedly is an amazing app designed for organizing finances. With this app, you can get your bank account on your phone. From managing your expenses to checking your bank statement, you can do everything using this app. This app works well for frequent travelers, as it gives you an accurate currency exchange rate. Unlike other financing apps, Seedly has a very simple interface and easy navigation. If balance sheets and accounting graphs give you anxiety, download this app to make your life easy!

5- Trello

This all-inclusive business organizational tool is highly recommended! From managing team tasks to streamlining your personal activities, this app can do it all. Due to its minimalist interface and ease of use, Trelli has quickly become team managers’ favorite. Especially if you have a large team to manage from remote locations, this app is a life savior. You can get everyone on one platform and keep track of all the work activities.

The app has a lot of features and has three main segments, Boards, Lists, and Cards. This app allows you to schedule tasks, assign deadlines, and keep track of the progress without any hassle. The app has several filters for prioritizing tasks and tagging tools for allocating tasks. All in all, Trello is a great app that can significantly boost your productivity and make your management easier.

Final Thoughts:

So, that’s it, folks. I hope you found our list of organizational apps helpful. Download these apps and turn your smartphone into your office! They will not only make your job easier but also boost your productivity. Finally, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments section. We always try our best to answer all your queries as soon as possible.