The Art of Doing Headlines – How to Grab Readers’ Attention

The Art of Doing Headlines – How to Grab Readers’ Attention?

You can’t undermine the power of content, particularly in the world of affiliate marketing. When working on your advertisement campaign, you work on the tiniest details to entice users. It involves adopting the right tone and style, designing eye-catching banners, and creating intriguing landers. All these factors are crucial in improving the conversion rate. However, even if you have considered all these factors, you still can’t get to the top if you are missing the first step.

The first thing that users see is the Headline. If you are randomly throwing headlines, all your efforts will go in vain. Headlines are like click-baits to instantly grab readers’ attention. They should be catchy, carefully crafted, and intriguing enough to force users to find more. In this blog, we have covered everything you need to know to write winning headlines. So, without further ado, let’s dive into it!

The Actual Purpose of Headlines

The first important question is, what do headlines do? Every type of content, be it blogs, articles, news, emails, or social posts have headlines. It is the subject of the content and does a lot more than merely grabbing attention. Here’s what headlines are meant for:

  • Give users a heads-up about the content
  • Determine the target audience
  • Intrigue users to learn more
  • Bring the content up in search results
  • Drive traffic and improves conversion rate

If you want to do the headlines right, you must incorporate all the elements mentioned earlier. 

Types of Headlines

There are several types of headlines, but we have narrowed them into 7 categories based on their style and purpose. 

1- Short/Long Headlines

The length of the Headline can vary greatly depending on your style or type of content. There is no fixed rule, but the best practice is to keep the length moderate. Headlines that are too short are not impactful enough. Similarly, overly long headlines lose the interest of readers. Whatever your headline length is, make sure it is informative and contains a meaningful message for readers.

Example: Creating Winning Headlines that Convert 

2- Interrogative Headlines

This form of Headline is an effective way to trigger curiosity. When you ask an interesting question in the title, chances are readers will click to know the answer to that question. The best way to make these headlines work is by determining the target audience first, google the most searched queries, and then use them creatively in your Headline. Make sure that the Headline is relevant to the content.

Example: Can You Eat Fruits if you are a Diabetic?

3- Tips and Tricks Headlines

This is probably one of the most common types of headlines. How-to format headlines entice users because they expect to find the solution to their problem in the content. 

Example: How to fix “Windows 10 Password Incorrect” After Update?

4- Ranking Headlines

These headlines usually work for product reviews or listing. It is found that when numbers and plain text are put together, they create an attractive visual combination. Also, when users want to buy a product something or learn about something, they usually look for “Top 5…”, “6 Ways to…” etc. 

Example: Top 6 Mobile Brands in 2020

5- Curiosity-Triggering Headlines

The main goal of putting headlines is to convert traffic, and the best way to do is by making them curious. There is a psychological phenomenon called Curiosity Gap. It is the quest of the human mind to learn more about something they already know. Play with the human psyche, make them curious, offer them information, and fill the curiosity void.

Example: There is no reason why you can’t rock a plus-size body

6- Positive Headlines

You can stir some excitement among the readers through a positive headline. Use exhilarating adjectives like Amazing, Extraordinary, Thrilling, etc., to catch users’ attention. Make sure that the content is as exciting as the headlines. 

Example: 5 Amazing Skincare Hacks

7- Negative Headlines

Sometimes we need a reality check or a warning. Negative headlines are used to alert readers about something instantly. These headlines are quite effective in drawing attention because everyone avoids making mistakes. 

Example: Why You Should NOT Invest in These High-End Brands

Final Thoughts:

You are all set to create catchy headlines. Keep these tips in your mind, and let your creativity do the magic. We hope this article was helpful. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section. We always try our best to answer your queries as soon as possible. Finally, have fun making great headlines! Cheers!