Trial Offers via Push Notifications – A New Trend for Increasing Traffic

Trial Offers via Push Notifications – A New Trend for Increasing Traffic

What is Push Technology?

Digital marketing is all about driving traffic. The success of a marketing campaign is measured by the amount of traffic it is attracting and the conversion rate. Marketers use many techniques to address users and grab their attention like emails, messages, social posts, blogs, videos, etc. One such tool which is gaining popularity is Push technology. The reason push notifications are doing better than other means of driving traffic is, it is short, straightforward, and delivers information instantly. 

As the name implies, these are short messages that directly flash on users’ screens. Once a user grants permission for push messages, they are added to the list of subscribers. They will receive notifications every time they use the browser or visit your website. There are three main elements of push notifications:

Icon – Usually, it is the logo of the company sending push notifications.

Heading – It is the subject of the message.

Description – It is the text containing the main information.

Sending Push Notifications 

You have two options for sending push notifications, doing everything from scratch, or rely on paid sources. When you opt for the second option, you can purchase traffic from different sources. However, if you want to make your marketing campaign extremely personalized and willing to do everything on your own, you will have to maintain your database. We will discuss each method one by one. 

Paid Sources

Many channels offer paid services to lend you their incoming traffic. Some sources are dedicated only to push notifications, while others integrate push technology in their existing framework. If you want to target a mass audience, you can opt for sources like MegaPush and PropellerAds. These platforms not only have databases of their own but also act as a broker between paid sources and buyers.

Most of the paid sources work in the same manner. Buyers have to bid for the desired volume. The price range might vary for each source. Once you have signed up, you can start taking part in the bidding process. This method is preferred by most marketers, as it is the fastest way to increase push traffic. However, it is not a good idea if you have a tight budget for your campaign. This brings us to organic traffic.

Organic Traffic

The biggest perk of building your database is, you know the type of audience you are targeting. So, you can run a more targeted and personalized marketing campaign. The most conventional method of building a database is through marketing campaigns. 

To send push notifications, you need to create an account with a service provider. There are a lot of companies that offer push notification service, like Pushnami. Here’s what you need to do to send push notifications:

    • Once you have signed up, wait for the account approval and activation. 
    • After getting the green signal, sign in to your account and add a domain.
    • Now you can integrate Javascript files to your landing pages. This is a tricky step, so you have to be extra careful with the installation procedure.
    • If everything is running smoothly, you should see push notifications when you go to your landing page.
    • A request will be sent to all the users to allow the notifications when they visit the landing page.
    • If they click on the allow button, they are automatically added to the list of subscribers.

Congratulations! You are all set to build your database and send push notifications. 

One pro tip that you must remember is that don’t push too hard! Setting the frequency of push notifications is up to you. If you send a notification every few minutes, users will get annoyed and start unsubscribing. 

Placing Offers with Push Notifications

Now that you are on board with the basics of push notifications, let’s move on to incorporating offers with push messages. The reason why push traffic is proving to be better than other affiliate sources like Facebook is that it is easy, affordable, and yields quick results. Push notifications are also used for placing offers like free trials, discounts, loans, etc. Today, we will focus on a very popular offer that is doing great with push traffic – it is the Credit Card Trial offer.

What are CC Trial Offers?

The mechanism of these trial offers is pretty much similar to that of Single Opt-In. The only difference is, in SOI, a conversion occurs when a user enters their details like name and contact information. In a trial offer, a conversion occurs when a user agrees to temporarily subscribe to a particular service and gives their credit card information. One of the most effective ways to entice users to sign for trial offers is by giving a chance to win a free prize. People often sign up for gifts to try their luck.

Disbursements in CC trials are considerably higher than other offer types, mainly because it is harder to get traffic flow through this method. But, if you can run CC trial offers successfully, you will get impressive earnings per click (EPC). As far as the disbursements are concerned, the rate varies significantly according to marketers and location. Although you can target any location for running trial offers, marketers get the best response from European countries. The payout rate in the UK states ranges from $10.00-$20.00, while states like France, Italy, and Czech pay more than $20.00. 

From the marketers’ point of view, the rebill rates reflect the quality of the offer. It is the rate at which a subscriber is charged for the services they are getting. A rebill rate higher than70% is considered satisfactory. It is also a way to monetize the offer. Traffic driven through push notifications doesn’t care much about the quality of the offer.

How to Evaluate a Trial Offer

There are somethings you can learn from others’ experiences. Marketers who have been in this business for a while have some pro tips to share.

  • First things first, work on the offer page. It is the platform where users will learn about the offer. Use native language and currency for the page. Don’t make generic pages even if you are targeting a global audience. Relying on translation tools is not a wise thing to do.
  • Keep the fill-out form short and gather only the necessary information.
  • Check the Terms and Conditions section by default.
  • Inform users about the number of acceptable credit cards and other necessary information.
  • Keep the page layout consistent for every geolocation.

Now that your offer page is good to go, it’s time to work on the offer itself! Here’s what you should do to improve the conversion rate of your offer:

  • Keep the offer consistent regardless of the location
  • Create a new Merchant ID dedicated only for trial offers. Having a MID is necessary to collect funds from subscribers’ credit cards and transfer into merchants’ accounts
  • Keeping the chargeback low will effectively improve the conversion rate
  • Make sure all your dues are clear, and your finances are in order. In case your credit card company blocks you, your credibility will be affected, resulting in a low conversion rate. 

Mechanism of CC Trial Offers

First of all, select a source through which you will be running the offer. Social media platforms, Google ads, text messages, and emails are some of the commonly used mediums. All these sources have a good conversion rate and drive high-quality traffic, but affordability is an issue. Push traffic, on the other hand, is cheap and more convenient.  

Next, you want a click-bait to lure traffic to click on your offer. Work on your landing page, collaborate with big names, and create an interesting theme. Incorporate short surveys in your landers to engage users.

Final Thoughts:

That’s pretty much everything you needed to know for running a successful CC trial offer via push notifications. We hope this article helped you, and you found these tips helpful. Let us know if you any further questions in the comments down below. We always try our best to answer all your queries as soon as possible. Good luck!