Is Split Testing Worth It?

Is Split Testing Worth It?

As an affiliate, you might have found yourself asking whether to opt for split testing or not? Undoubtedly, split testing, also known as A/B testing, is a crucial aspect of affiliate marketing. There are tons of factors that can be tested, from creatives and texts to traffic sources and affiliate networks. However, you can’t test each and everything as the budget constraints are real, right?

If you are hopping into a completely new vertical, you’ll have to keep a keen eye for tiny details that can boost up your campaign’s performance!

Whether to split or not?

Monetizing the traffic is not easy at all. The complex process of monetizing traffic requires to take multiple variables and details into the spotlight. Now, what do you mean by split testing, and how does it actually work? This question will surely help you make your decision to split or not. Split testing basically means multiplying everything by two (or even more) to find out what works the best.

Assuming that you are an expert in your traffic control, you must have calculated your average EPC or other related metrics based on the calculations carried out previously. So, if you are just starting out with the testing, you might find it a little challenging because you’ll be testing out everything your affiliate vertical has to offer.

You must be aware that affiliate networks offer different conditions on very similar offers. And, this surely affects the payment conditions in return. Now, here comes the bad news! This ends up sending your traffic to tons of affiliate networks that result in not being able to reach payout thresholds, and you surely don’t want that.

Don’t worry! You can stop your calculations from going all in vain. Keep your focus on a particular network or an offer, and spend your time and effort to make it better. This will ultimately help you reach sufficient ECPs and remove the payout gaps (if any).

Test with a partner

As mentioned earlier, driving traffic is not a piece of cake. You will be facing many challenges while doing it! However, if you get experienced advice throughout the process, driving traffic can get simple (if not simpler!). And, there is no better way than to get advice from a partner. Yes, a partnership can be really helpful in affiliate marketing if the partner is truly willing to get involved.

If you still can’t make your decision about whether you should split test multiple affiliate networks and offers, then here is one other question that can help you reach a conclusion. Ask them if they can modify the offers according to your preferences and needs. And, to break your bubble, you’ll only find a few networks that will match your preferences.

Now, if you have a strong partnership with the same motivation as yours, the tweaking with offers can result in custom promos, tracking tools, and payment conditions. Besides, working with a highly motivated professional can lead you to gain excellent advice and support.

A good partner has got your back.

There is one way to earn a handful amount of money without testing out everything, and that is having a good partner on your side. You have two options when it comes to working in affiliate marketing; you can either put on your hunting cape and browse as many affiliate networks as you can until you find something that fits right with your preference. Or, you can find a single partner who is ready to provide you all the custom tools, make a suitable offer for you, and also handles the cash flow. And, trust me, the latter option is always better than the first one!

But, keep in mind, don’t settle for less just because you have found the right partner who is fulfilling your preferences. Consider having a partner as support while also not compromising at your end!

Go for less testing and more results approach.

You might be thinking of stepping into more than one affiliate network; however, there is one drawback of doing that. You’ll find yourself working on a number of different offers and networks with similar or dissimilar conditions. This will demand your resources and traffic. Even if the offers may look similar, surely their results will be very different.

Now, even if you test a single offer, you’ll see yourself spending double or even triple the payout volume. To make it more clear, let’s consider an example. You spend $200 from ad networks to test 3 offers from 4 networks; you’ll end up spending $30-$35 only on the testing. And, to be honest, this is not nearly enough to conclude the results for your testing.

Even if you succeed with this approach once in a blue moon, you’ll have to handle payout thresholds of four different affiliate networks. And, surely, your cash flow won’t be happy about that! Therefore, it is better to test similar offers in a single network rather than hopping around and testing each and everything.

Final Thoughts:

“Is split testing worth it?” is a question that ultimately depends on your preference and needs. However, generally, it is better to go for approaches that require less testing but yield more results for better and optimized campaigns. Also, always look out for the latest technologies and tools that can help build a competitive business. We hope you found this article helpful. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section. We always try our best to answer all your queries as soon as possible. Happy affiliating!