The Best Affiliate Tools You Must Know About

The Best Affiliate Tools You Must Know About

Every successful warrior has their secret weapons. If you want to conquer the affiliate world, you got to have your own tools. Thanks to technology, there are so many advanced tools for every job – from spying to finance. In this article, we have covered some of the best applications you can get your hands on as an affiliate to step up your game. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at these tools.

Tracking Tools

In the age of digitalization, it is not easy to keep track of the rapidly changing affiliate trends. Well, all you need to make your life a little simpler is to get a tracker. As the name implies, this tool is designed to keep track of the affiliate-referred traffic, their needs and collect data. But, with so many trackers out there, which one should you go with?

Well, this depends on your requirements. Binom has made its name as one of the best tracking tools. It is preferred by a lot of companies because it is self-hosted, which means no third party is involved. It features a user-friendly interface that facilitates users with ease of navigation. The tool is packed with a wide range of features like incorporating traffic sources, making landing pages incognito, and filters to keep scams away.

Another tool that has garnered great reviews due to its cutting-edge tracking solutions is TrackRevenue. The tracker offers analytical tools based on advanced ML algorithms and campaign optimization features. If you want to avoid the hassle of setting up a tool and customizing it, try Redtrack. This ready-to-use tracker has easy navigation and a lot of useful features.

Spy Tools

You should keep your eye on the prize but draw your inspiration from the best in the market. With the breakneck competition, nobody wants to give their secrets of success. But there are spying tools that can help you learn the most effective techniques.

One of the most popular tools in this category is Visto. The tool is especially useful for affiliates who rely on Facebook as their main traffic source. Visto features a huge collection of Facebook campaigns, so you can learn how to run ads on the most popular social media platform. The best thing is, Visto is free – at least for now!

The old school method of spying is getting a customizable VPN. Even if you do not intend to spy, having your own customizable VPN is a must-have for affiliates. To get the job done, you can rely on Nord VPN.

Now that you know how spying tools work, you might be concerned about your competitors spying on you. Well, worry not! There are anti-spying tools that can help you go incognito. One of the best such tools is Magicchecker.

Translation Tools

One of the biggest barriers that limit affiliate to a particular region is language. The key to success in affiliate marketing is targeting a diverse audience. There are translation tools that can come in handy if you want to go universal. Although tools like Google translate are free, but their translation is not up to the mark. Sometimes the tone and the message of the original language get altered.

There are tools specially designed for this purpose, like DeepI. DeepI is definitely better than Google translate and also comes with a lot more advanced and convenient options available like human translation. Onehourtranslation is one such platform where you can find native speakers from every origin. You can use this platform as well to get your content translated accurately and easily.

Automation Tools

In the affiliate industry, time is money. Sadly, a lot of time gets wasted on repetitive tasks. Thanks to technology, there are a lot of smart automation tools available in the market that can be programmed to carry out routine tasks.

One such tool, designed specifically for affiliates, is Zennoposter. The tool is easy to use and packed with a wide range of features. It contains an extensive collection of ready-to-use templates and easy editing tools.

If you are using Facebook as the main platform for marketing, DOLPHIN is a highly recommended automation tool. This tool allows you to manage all your accounts from one single window and run marketing campaigns as well. There are also team management features in this tool.

Finance Tools

Do you have a hard time keeping all your finances in order? Worry not; there are financial tools that can help you handle all your finances automatically.

When choosing finance tools, you must consider things like having multiple online wallets for easy transactions, credit/debit cards, and your valid account number. There are platforms like Payoneer and WebMoney that offer all kinds of services like international transactions, saving digital currency, etc.

These services are very popular in the affiliate market. Payoneer is widely used for remote payments and quite popular among freelancers. WebMoney is one of the oldest and most reliable financial services, but the only downside is its transaction charges. Other services like Capitalist and Neteller are also quite popular among affiliates.

Choose the payment service that suits your needs. However, you must keep an eye on all your finances, even if you are opting for one of these services.

Online Communities:

If you want to make your name in the market, you must build a PR. Gone are the days when you had to go to workshops and seminars to meet people. It is the digital age, and people socialize through the internet. There are a lot of online forums that you can join and become a part of the affiliate community. Take part in discussions, ask questions, and learn about the trending topics in the affiliate world.

If you haven’t joined any forum before, we can help you get started. Try popular forums with a large number of members like AffiliateFix. From aspiring affiliates to marketing gurus, you will find everyone in this group. Most forums are free to join. All you need to do is just sign up and become a member. However, there some groups that demand a joining fee. You can also become a part of Facebook groups for affiliates.

Final Thoughts:

So, this is it, guys! In this article, we have covered some of the best applications you can get your hands on as an affiliate to step up your game. We hope that you found this information helpful. Let us know which affiliate tools you found the most useful. Also, let us know if you have any questions in the comments section. We always try our best to answer all your queries as soon as possible. Good Luck!